Space Features:


- 4,100 sq ft open clear-span warehouse space with steel i-beam and corrugated structure with concrete slab floors.


- 11ft x 13 ft wide drive-in truck bay doors.


- Private gated access to the Los Angeles River in the beautiful, exposed Glendale Narrows area.


- Fluorescent, natural lighting with windows.


Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday ~ 8am to 10pm

Sat. and Sun. ~ 10am to 12am


Available on Site!


We offer a multitude of tools and services for rental.


- On-site woodshop

- Laser Engraving Machine

- Digital Projectors and Screens

- Catering/ Event services

- Sound and Video Technicians


Address: 2424 Glover Pl.

Los Angeles CA 90031